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Vengo Knut ( Vengo Hito x Vengo Flecha)

June 2017

alano espanol puppies of etma de villa canar and vengo hito are avaiable. Infos about current litter of  alano espanol are in section

breeding program 2017


Vengo Alano Espanol

We present the unique breed of dog, inseparably connected with the Iberian Peninsula and Spain. Alanos for their character and innate abilities remind of the last romanticists compared to the other breeds of the contemporary cynology. For centuries they had been working at the provinces of Spain, and although their owners have exchanged their horses and puffed shirts to cars and modern clothings, they still follow the same simple values. Alanos had shaped in the world, where the courage, honor and loyalty are of the greatest importance. Their expression, emotions, energy and authenticity are inscribed into Spanish landscape as the occult power of el Duende - the essence of Flamenco - the goblin-wind, the spirit of the Iberian soil burning in veins as powdered glass.


Quijote de Caracuel