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Half year after purchasing our first Argentine Dogo - Macho del Cavdillo, fascinated by his unusual personality and perfect passion for hunting, we have begun to study the genesis of the breed quite deeply and that's how we've run into the Alano Espanol - the breed used by Martinez to work on Argentine Dogo.

We've stopped to think about another Argentino and have focused on the intriguing Alano.



We've established a relationship with Paco, who regards himself as a hunter and the great passionate of the breed and an occasional raiser. Those were his experiences and recommendations that convinced us to choose a dog instead of a bitch of which we had thought earlier, and that's how we got Arion de las Tinieblas, the successor of Tarantos de los Cuadrejones on Curro de Tameran.


Paco, we thank you gratefully for the passion you gave us, the knowledge and the experience that you kindly share with us, but first of all we thank you for the great dogs: Airon and Calabria from your breeding de las Tinieblas.

We also want to thank Daniel Vincent Lopez from the breeding del Pumarejo for choosing the strongest and the best bitch from the litter: Alfalfy.

Special thanks to Javier Parry, the former secretary of ANCAE and the owner of the los Tarantos breeding for his patience in explanations of the history and the details of the breed.