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calabria -andaluzja sierpień 2008

Calabria is one of the best five females in the breed. She has arrived to Poland in December 2006.

Her father is a legendary dog Curro de Tameran, the most representative dog from the Taranto de los Cuadrejones line. Curro is a multiple champion in Spanish dogs' exhibitions.

Calabria 15 month


He has bequeathed all his best features to the offspring. In addition to his achievements on exhibition rings, he has a perfect character, instinct of hunting and grabbing a victim, the features he has proved many times both during huntings and while working with the cattle. Calabria's mother is Alusca de Maienza, a bitch with a perfect friendly character, that grabs victims perfectly and has a very strong build of body.

Curro                                                                      Alusca de Maienza

Calabria is a worthy descendant of her father. Her wild eyes and rapid character make her an inheritor of the myths about brave canine warriors from the past.


                        Calabria                                                                                Curro

She has a perfect head with strong jaws, widely tailored snout that allows her to tirelessly hold the victim.

Despite her very strong build she is unbelievably fast and agile. She's the highest jumping dog from our cluster. Because of her young age she doesn't know yet how to distribute her energy on long distances, she's indefatigable in chases and regenerates quickly though.

Calabria has a constant need of work. Similarly to Alfalfa she still has some difficulties in getting focused. She excites herself very fast, reaching the highest revs. She's a sharp guard that scares off all unwelcome guests. Without a proper guiding she could be dangerous. Her world is very simple. Cebria's character and needs are typical for a dog resistant to the difficulties of the rural life. Conversely to Alfalfa she doesn't seek or need any comfort


To prove it, we present an adventure Calabria had at the age of five months. During a walk in the February 2007 Calabria had followed some tracks and she got lost. Those were the frostiest days of that winter - the temperature had fallen to -15'C. We'd been looking for her for three days and nights, combing the area of almost 800 square miles. After 48 hours have passed, we'd been getting to accept the fact that she might have got frozen or become a victim of wolves that are frequent in our region, for Lub is already Slovakia. Fortunately, we had managed to find her on the third day - some people had called from a village in a neighboring valley. Calabria had come near houses, but she had been very distrustful. She had spent two days and two nights in 15'C of frost. She was OK.



She constantly shows her contempt for frost and for heat that make other dogs feel uncomfortable. She's a 100% offspring of the dogs guarding and working in every conditions, sharing the inconvenience of the rural life with their owners. We observe her physical and psychical development with happiness and pride. Her strong build, thick bones, are paired with a strong psyche and courage. Calabria has had a passion for hunting and a strong instinct of catching victims ever since she was very little, she duels wild boars bravely and is not afraid of any challenges.

calabria na gryzaku