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We were so in love with Airon that we've decided to travel to Spain, which has resulted in new contacts with the breeders of Alano Espanol a new "treacly" household member, a bitch named Alfalfa del Pumarejo.

Alfalfa's personality has overgrown our greatest expectations. Although her behavior was completely different from Airon's and the type of her built was different as well, the took our hearts instantly.


Since the very beginning she's been vigilant, self-confident and pugnacious. In spite of her young age, she's been surprising us with her courage. In every aspect she's been trying to match up the older dogs.

Alfalfa 8 month na probie w zagrodzie
At the age of five months she had her first contact with a 90-pound wild boar; she ended up harmlessly for herself, bravely grabbing it as the older dogs had.

Alfalfa has been growing up really fast and she's been changing physically. She is clearly stamped perro de toro. Her thickset and athletic build, love for sprinting and an exceptional pugnacity make her an excellent caretaker and a capturing dog for short distances. She bares a characteristic face on her pretty head inherited from her grandma Tora de la Canada del Pinillii through her moter Goya de los Tarantos.



She obtained her robust body from her father - Atillo de los Tarantos, and grandpa Thyson de los Cuadrajones. Both these dogs are very muscular and mighty, they surely fulfill the image of the so-called Spanish Bulldog.


Alfalfa has inherited from them her robust and massive type of build. At the moment, she has 22 inches in her withers, the circumference of head 22 inches, the circumference of chest 29.5 inches. Alfalfa is a kind of very vigorous dog, she tends to run quickly from place to place, frequently forgetting what she is supposed to do.

But as she gets older, this feature is being replaced with the natural wisdom so typical for Alano. In case of Alfalfa we show a lot of patience, as the bitches are more instinct-driven than the dogs. That's particularly visible if it comes to the hunter's instinct, especially when chasing a victim.

Her quick temper and a strong instinct of grabbing she completes with her sensitivity towards humans and the need for comfort, pretty unusual for Alano. Although she definitely prefers getting on someone's knees to having a snack, she is - just as every Alano - a tough guy that can't be stopped by a wounded paw, cracked nail or any other injury.