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It's because of such dogs as Airon that hundreds of years ago people have found dogs their best friends.

The fearless and dogged hunter at home becomes a sheepish puppy. He is very calm and patient to children. Neutral to strangers, friendly after getting to know someone better. Vigilant and intent observer of the environment, wouldn't let a butterfly or a little bird to appear unnoticed on his territory. At home he doesn't impose himself with his presence, although he likes and needs to have contact with the guide. Ever since the beginning he's been surprising us with his unusual stamina and fitness.

  Airon 4 month

Airon's origin is based on the line of the dog Taranto de los Cuadrejones and not less known than Taranto himself, the contemporary icon of the breed Curro de Tameran. Thanks to the well-considered crossing Airon is practically Taranto's clone if it comes to both body and mind. He has kept the light and tight build at the front, typical for the durable long-distance runners, the fiery temperament and perfect understanding with men.

Taranto de los Cuadrejones Curro de Tameran Airon de las Tinieblas


He has arrived to us from the sunny Spain when he was four-months old, and he was welcomed by 30'C of frost. As if it wasn't enough, his companion was a dominating older Argentine Dogo, that kept showing the newcomer who's the boss. But even as a puppy Airon was proving that he's a tough guy that treats challenges seriously.

The look of his snout, expression in his eyes make one certain that Airon would joyfully wave his tail only having thought about a brutal murder. That's why every person who sees him for a first time is full of fears. It's just after awhile that they discover his balanced and calm character. Presently Airon weights eighteen pounds, has twenty-four inches in withers, circumference of head 21 inches, circumference of chest 28 inches.

Airon 5 month,Macho 8 month

Alanos are hunting dogs working in packs for centuries. Airon has instantly accepted the hierarchy he isn't trying to change. Presently in spite of the natural aspiration to domination he is toes the line if there's such need.


  Airon 16 month


Thanks to the multi-generation collaboration between Alano and people, we didn't have to make any efforts to domesticate the newcomer. Airon could feel our expectations and has been following them. He's been copying only such behaviors of the Argentine Dogo he might have benefited from through us, but he's not greedy for snacks and a praise is the greatest reward for Airon. He can put to shame many Pit Bulls with his passion and determination while performing his tasks, and many Shepherds Dogs with his openness for cooperation with a human.

Airon 18 month

Airon's endurance and resistance against tiredness are unusual for such a molosser: he can run through mountains for miles, accompanying us in our bicycle or ski travels. He distributes his forces perfectly, always saving energy for the final sprint.

  Sierra Nevada,Macho 10 month,Airon 8 month

Airon is a hunter. A hunter perfect and unconditional. When he leaves home, he's on the hunts. After running for 20 miles after a bike, when we stop on a field of grass, he instantly begins to examine the terrain and to look for potential victims. For every huntsman such dog is a value, especially that he's always willing to cooperate with a human. Performing an entrusted task makes him happy.

 Airon 12 month

At home fold in a bundle he lets to forget about his existence, outside traverses mountains at the speed of 20mph. His surprising sportsmanship allows him to handle the most difficult obstacles of the terrain. When watched from the distance, he looks like a fawn drop that flows softly down the rocks, fallen tree-trunks, slopes and stream beds. The movement and the control of his own body reminds a nimble cat rather than a dog.

  Slovakia, Airon and Calabria

In fights he's diehard and he never turns back. He inherited the passion for catching victims from his ancestors. He uses mainly the upper wind and can faultlessly trace a boar at a hunting.

i Airon vs boar

His speed and dexterity, among with the calculated striving to grab an opponent's head or ear gives him a chance to fight even a large male boar.