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From the very beginning  of its existence alanos have also been related to hunting. As gun-dogs they work similarly as on pasturage, they are supposed to trace the animal, catch it and keep it until the arrival of the huntsman.


psy chwytajÄ…ce pojowiajÄ… siÄ™ na obrazach od czasów rzymskich do XIXw

Like during the capture of the mountain cattle, during huntings alanos expose all their capabilities. Endurance, speed, determination and agility in attacking the victim, cooperation with the other dogs of the same sex, ability to keep the contact with a guide even during the excitement caused by a fight.  During hunts, the excited alanos frequently bark to signal that they have traced an animal. Some dogs even bark for awhile during the chase. This is very useful for the huntsman, who hearing the barking can reach the dogs faster.



psy z hodowli de las Tineblas podczas polowania


This style of hunting is called ronda in Spain. It is the most classic hunting style with the grabbing dogs and it requires the courage and confidence from the dogs as well as from then hunter. Most willingly it takes place during the full-moon. The safety of both the hunter and the dogs depends on the courage, reciprocal trust and the ability of making decisions in critical situations. The hunter travels on a horse or on foot, carrying solely a knife. The dogs immobilize the victim (nowadays most certainly a wild boar) after capturing it.  The hunter pierces the heart of the animal with the knife.

 alano w zbroi ze skór chroniÄ…cej przed kÅ‚ami dzika - sfora de las Tineblas z obrożami chroniÄ…cmi przed atakami dzika


Some huntsmen use alanos to hunt some other species of animal, such as badgers or deers. If it comes to deers, alanos work in packs with the typical chasing dogs, like podenco, that are able to catch the deer up and surround it to allow the upcoming alanos to attack and grab.  In the hunting pack the most important role belongs to the bravest and the most experienced dogs that grab a victim first and provide the rest of dogs with confidence. These the bravest dogs with the highest passion of capturing are particularly precious pedigree for the breeders.