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The physical and psychical development of Alanos is very slow. They usually aren't fully developed until they are three years old. Frequently, one-year-old dogs wet like little puppies. Alanos' play is very typical for them. It plays an important role in their social life.

fot Grzegorz ChÅ‚opicki -Airon,Calabria,Alfalfa 

They can endlessly pretend huntings, switching their roles constantly. Every time the same scheme is repeated - one dog runs away and the rest tries to catch it by jumping off and grabbing its head. Just like little lions or wolves, they learn to hunt. During the play, Alanos uncover their incredible speed and agility. Even though the plays have strict rules that are never softened, they are not aggressive. However, these rules are not understood by the other breeds of dogs.

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Alano playing with another dog gathers its speed and then jumps on its partner grabbing its head or ear. The disturbed dog either responds with aggression or gets scared. Both these reactions are not good as the instinct of capturing the victim, during the play neutralized by the balanced behavior of a captured dog. gets enforced by companion's panic or aggression. That's why care should be taken when choosing comrades for one's Alano. Certainly, the best companion for one Alano is another Alano.

                            fot Grzegorz ChÅ‚opicki - Airon,Macho

The development of the grabbing instinct can be observed on the puppies. During the nipple feeding, the dogs try to catch themselves as well as their mother. It happens that the wet-nurses raising little Alanos  are simply tormented by those little devils.

Alanos are completely pain-proof, they don't care if they have their skin cut; deeper wounds don't make any impression on them and frequently after the huntings they are sewn without anaesthetics.

Owning an Alano, one needs to be prepared that the dog can use its capabilities unexpectedly and that's why one should not neglect  the protection of the place where the specimen of that where are kept. One ought not think that the dog won't defeat an obstacle and that it won't do something unlikely, because it probably will do it.

Activity is of great importance for Alanos. How it has already been said, they are very balanced and they don't release their energy in an uncontrolled way by demolishing the surrounding environment. However, both as young dogs and as they get older, they require a regular amount of physical exercise. These dogs don't have to be particularly trained; numerous behaviors other breeds need to be taught are a natural way of Alanos adapting themselves to our lifestyle. Focus on the guide, obedience to the orders, constant willingness to cooperate and lack of aggression make Alano an archetype of dog. The character is the Alano's greatest value and if the contemporary breeding spoils these qualities, finding the anatomical nuances more important, the race is likely to extinct.