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Some people who passionate the dog's fighting abilities, such as Pit Bulls, are also interested in Alano. They expect Alano to be audacious and strong and to assure the feeling of power in the neighborhood by exposing its capabilities hanging on the tire or dragging heavy objects. Some other people interested in Alano are those who prefer sportive breeds, such as Belgian Shepherd Dog or Australian Kelpie, that are hard to train but have inexhaustible energy, and are frequently used in a variety of dogs' sports, such as agility.

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Neither of these groups is right. Alano won't prove itself as a violent nor as an agile sport dog. It's not because it lacks strength or agility. Conversely. The point is in his character and functionality, that has evolved on the basis of selection. No one would have thought that Alano would ever have to conform to the expectations of the modern breeds such as the aforementioned Belgian or German Shepherds. As it has already been written, Alano is an old breed shaped during the hundreds of years by its scars from fights with wild boars, deers and cuttle and its everyday life conditions. Anano's character is therefore a result of its everyday life and work. We ought to think what sort of character would have a twenty-pound dog, that fearlessly fights against a two-hundred-pound bull or a seventy-pound boar. There are two possibilities: either the dog is crazy or it has nerves of steel. There is no place for unpredictable dogs at the cottage, that's why alano's character is balanced. The dog working at the cottage can't be too lazy or to greedy for foods. The dogs kept outdoors or in the hunting pack spend long periods of their lives tied to their chains. Tying a hyperactive dog to one place for so long would have to end up with its psychological trauma.

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At the same time, Alanos need to preserve good physical shape as otherwise they wouldn't be able to search the mountains to find the animals or cattle. In its every-day life, Alano is a totally balanced, calm dog saving its energy. It is caused by the natural selection, which preferred the dogs able to keep their energy for longer, as at the cottage the food has always been lacking. Hyperactive dogs, wasting their energy, automatically had less chance to survive. It is also important that Alano has a very polite character and can live peacefully with other mature specimen. The owners of Pit Bulls, Argentine Dogos, Boxers and other molossers know well how unique characteristic that is. The basis for living peaceful with other dogs is the Alano's type of work. For ages have these dogs been challenged with the tasks they wouldn't be able to handle alone, but rather in cooperation with other dogs. How would they benefit from killing themselves mercilessly instead of taming a bull? In that way, such pathological behavior has been eliminated long ago. Alanos can preserve hygiene ; of course misunderstandings have their place in larger groups, but these are the normal social relations and they have nothing to do with the pathological aggression. Even very young alanos adapt easily to hierarchies and quickly build relationships with the other members of a pack. The hierarchy formed once is accepted by it throughout the rest of its life. To say it briefly, Alanos are normal dogs,  noble and kindly, but never quarrelsome nor hyperactive.

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One who wants an aggressive dog or a perfect watchdog shouldn't think of Alano. These dogs aren't aggressive, but they are self-confident and for that reason they don't watch well. Of course they can be taught to watch, but that isn't the natural behavior for them. As a guard dogs they do well, reacting instinctively and using their potential to capture the victim.