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What it means the capturing dog - or Presa. It means that alanos have been being sorted for centuries for to develop their instinct of catching victims, the instinct they have inherited after their wild ancestors. Wolves, coyotes and African wild dogs - canines hunting in packs share tasks during attacks - some attack the victim's legs, others jump to the throat and the other attack the torso. Among these strategies the custom of jumping up and catching the victim's head deserves our attention. By means of selection, alanos have reached the perfection in doing it. Alanos desperately chase the victim, but they don't tear it to pieces - instead, they grab firmly and keep its snout or ears.


  fot Javier Parra lapanie krowy curro de tameran i goiko del castillo del encinar


  fot grzegorz chlopicki airon de las tinieblas trzyma dzika. fot javier garcia escancanciani curro i goiko przy dziku

It paralyzes the victim, as the strong grasp of alano's jaws on the delicate and highly nerved parts of body, such as the nostrils or ears, causes the captured animal to freeze in order to avoid the pain. This phenomenon is frequently used by veterinary surgeons that grab the cow's ears to force it to remain calm during operation. It is also used by the cattle farmers.  Whenever they want to capture a specimen grazed on a mountain pasturage, they let out the dogs that catch a victim and overpower it with their grasp. It allows the farmers to fetter their cows calmly. During the past period this capability of Alano was exploited by butchers, when a panicked animal awaiting its execution was raging in a slaughterhouse or trying to escape, and a dog grabbing a cow or a bull restrained it to allow the butcher to do his job. This behavior, typical for Alanos, is also utilized during huntings - Alano catches a victim up and jumps up at its maximum velocity to reach the victim's head and to hang on it with its full burden tightening the jaws.